Friday, January 06, 2012

New customers will swell CSX revenue

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Shippers representing manufacturing, consumer goods, energy, and other markets made commitments in 2011 to develop new or expanded facilities on CSX and its connecting short lines. A total investment of $1.4 billion will ultimately yield more than $230 million in annual freight revenue, said Clark Robertson, assistant vice president-regional development.  

Schneider IM photo“Despite ongoing economic uncertainty during 2011, our customers continue to demonstrate strong interest in rail service and CSX in particular,” said Robertson. “It is testimony to the underlying value proposition that rail offers. For many customers, railroad fuel efficiency is an important factor when it comes to choosing transportation, and CSX trains are capable of moving a ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a gallon of fuel. That means significantly lower carbon emissions than trucks. Another factor is connectivity to marine ports, and CSX reaches more than 70 ocean, lake, and river ports.”

The facilities will be built or expanded on CSX lines and on some of the more than 240 short lines and regional railroads that connect to CSX.

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