Monday, May 12, 2014

Pittsburgh eyes real-time arrival info

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Pittsburgh's Port Authority of Allegheny County is pursuing installation of real-time technology to better aid customers of its bus and light rail transit system, a Port Authority spokesman says.

"This really opens the door to solving one of our key customer service problems," spokesman Jim Ritchie told local media. "From a rider standpoint, this would be a huge improvement over what's in place today." But the Port Authority currently has no schedule for implementing such assistance.

The authority does monitor all LRT movement on its system from its s operations center at South Hills Village, but is unable to relay information about delays or other disruptions to system customers in real time. Announcements that are generated, moreover, are broadcast systemwide and not to specific locales.

Pittsburgh's 26-mile LRT system is one of the "seven survivors" in the U.S., along with Toronto, Ontario, as an eighth member, offering continuous streetcar and/or light rail service during near-wholesale dismantlement of the mode throughout North America in mid-20th century.

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