Monday, December 12, 2016

GE acquires Iders Incorporated to advance "self-aware rail"

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GE Transportation announced its acquisition of Iders Incorporated, an electronic product design and manufacturing company for the rail industry.

Iders Inc., the manufacturer of GoLINC – the onboard processing, storage, networking, and communications platform that it says "essentially turns a locomotive into a mobile data center - has partnered with GE Transportation for more than five years. GoLINC has an install base of over 8,500 locomotives globally, and is the platform on which GE – and others – can write applications to help a train, and the entire system, perform more effectively."

“This strategic acquisition marks another milestone for GE Transportation in creating an efficient, self-aware rail ecosystem that helps customers achieve smarter outcomes made possible by sensor data and analytics,” said Jamie Miller, GE Transportation President and CEO. “This acquisition puts GE in the driver’s seat, allowing for faster innovation and scale, digital break-throughs and future enhancements by in-house talent.”

GE says "as part of the acquisition, customers will now have access to a more extensive portfolio of cost-competitive digital solutions. GE will also inherit ongoing product development projects that aim to improve productivity and other customer outcomes."

“We’re proud to bring Iders’ history of innovation and advanced technical expertise to GE Transportation and look forward to the next chapter. GE and Iders have developed a successful relationship over the years built on complementary strengths, and we are excited to deepen this alignment,” said Brad Brown, President of Iders Incorporated.



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