William Vantuono

William Vantuono

With Railway Age since 1992, Bill Vantuono has broadened and deepened the magazine's coverage of the technological revolution that is so swiftly changing the industry. He has also strengthened Railway Age's leadership position in industry affairs with the conferences he conducts on operating passenger trains on freight railroads and communications-based train control.

“Don’t believe the New York Times or the train haters who cite it: High speed rail is not an $11 billion failure.”
Over the years I have been led to believe that there are only two places where one can find a complete set of Railway Age and all its antecedent publications and…
Thank goodness he wasn’t injured or killed, but U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) needs to practice what he preaches about train safety.
Following the recent, unrelated series of crude oil train derailments that resulted in fires, explosions, and in the case of Lac-Mégantic, tragedy and death, CBR (crude by rail) has come…
Friday, February 14, 2014

Love on the train ain’t no surprise

Save me a seat, and I’ll look into your eyes . . . . My apologies to Neil Diamond.
Pearl Harbor. Dallas. 9-11. Lac Mégantic. Now we have “Spuyten Duyvil” to add to the collection of names that, before they became linked to tragedy and loss of life, were…
Largely based upon increasing output from shale formations, the United States will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by 2015, and be close to energy…
I could answer this question in one word:
Recently, in the wake of the terrible Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway runaway-train accident in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, a reader understandably questioned the accuracy of Railway Age Contributing Editor Frank Wilner’s…
Friday, May 31, 2013

LNG power: A history lesson

Is LNG the locomotive fuel of the future? Will it, over time, replace diesel, much like diesel supplanted steam during the 1940s and 1950s? Or will it be used in…
The evidence is mounting that BNSF chief executive Matt Rose is Warren Buffett’s choice to succeed him at Berkshire Hathaway.
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