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July 17, 2014
A gutsy, proactive, and far-sighted collaboration between BNSF and a general committee of its largest labor union has produced a tentative agreement to allow freight trains equipped with Positive Train Control (PTC) to operate as early as next year with a lone engineer in the...
July 07, 2014
Moving homogeneous electrons through wires, or freight in trucks over publicly financed highways, is hardly akin to moving cargo over privately owned and maintained railroads.
July 07, 2014
When a community decides that a new rail transit system is essential to meet its mobility needs, it's not enough to design a good project. You've got to find a way to finance it. Often, that means a public vote to authorize some kind of...
June 25, 2014
With regard to Missouri’s two U.S. senators, Democrat Claire McCaskill and Republican Roy Blunt, we invoke urban slang from cranky New Yorkers, and their brethren across the Hudson in New Jersey, to suggest that they “fuggetaboutit.”
June 19, 2014
One hears the word "green" more than ever at any given rail conference, not without reason. Most in the rail world, naturally enough, apply the allusion to themselves and their fellow human beings. Most want a cleaner, greener world, a better environment, for themselves and...

June 10, 2014
As railroaders, regulators, suppliers, and crude oil shippers convene at the Railway Age Crude by Rail Conference on June 12, they may ponder the full range of proffered remedies to exploding oil trains: re-classification of Bakken crude from merely flammable to explosive; de-gasification before loading; better...
June 04, 2014
Phase out coal? Anathema to you? I certainly sympathize with the concern expressed by the Railway Supply Institute (RSI) and the Association of American Railroads (AAR) in their measured initial responses to proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules announced June 2, 2014.
June 02, 2014
Rail labor’s sabots are showing. It’s not a pleasant sight. “Sabots”—French for wooden shoes and the etymological root of “sabotage”—were thrown into the gears of textile looms by 15th century workers in failed hopes of thwarting technology.
May 22, 2014
This is about the Long Island Rail Road. It’s about a dispute over wages and benefits. It’s about politics that have a stereotypically anti-labor House Republican majority poised to line up on rail labor’s side to embarrass a Democratic governor. And it’s about a union...
May 08, 2014
If recent reports published by Railway Age and others regarding BNSF's clogged network have managed to discourage any shipper or industry-related investor, I have news that might brighten their outlook.